Recordings of recent NARC Live shows:

2E0DJR Julian
2E0IBP Nicholas
2E0POI+ Lorna
2E0SZP Michael
2E0TWQ John
2E0XLL Simon
G0CBO Rodney
G0DFC Leslie
G0ELJ Dave
G0FVG Peter
G0HQJ Gordon
G0KYA Steve
G0LGJ Mark
G0MQI Robert
G0MXN John
G0ODR Colin
G0SGT Daivd
G0TMT Mark
G3EVA Steve
G3MPN David
G3SEM Paul
G3SGC Graham
G3VPT Paul
G3XLL John
G3YPP Mike
G4AFF Stewart
G4CCX Chris
G4DYC Mike
G4EYT Colin
G4GHO Steve
G4KZT Bruce
G4LPP+ Philip
G4NRL Keith
G4PFZ John
G4RAV Pete
G4RZN Richard
G4TNY Daivd
G4ZBA Paul
G7ETC Simon
G7PLF Jeff
G7SNC Ivan
G7UGB Martin
G7URP+ David
G8EEY Mike
G8IFF Nigel
G8OO Alan
G8SDU Robert
M0BLH Scott
M0GMK Colin
M0HGR Kenneth
M0HGU Nick
M0JKB Stuart
M0KRK Donard
M0MEA Mark
M0NFY+ Neville
M0SIH Simon
M0SWO Anthony
M0SZ Susan
M0TC+ Tammy
M0TDK Tony
M0TEO + Thomas
M0TNE Terry
M0UKS+ James
M0VCX John
M0VRA Peter
M0WBR Robert
M0XKM Martijn
M0XTF Tony
M0ZAE Henry
M0ZAH James
M3ILY Mike
M5MSX Martin
M6ZLA Zena
M7CNI Steve
M7EPK Nigel
M7KKO Keith
M7LLS Mark
M7RDE Richard
M7SEY Brian
SWL2+ Alison
SWL3+ Lyn

The clubs officers and committee have decided to reduce our previous precovid full NARC membership which was £20 - £30 per year to just £10 per member for 2023.  We can do this principally because we have more members than we used to have and we physically meet less often than we used to and although the school hire costs to us have risen by more than 30% we do not incur any costs for producing NARC Live online. (NB The £5 rate for 2022 was set in October 2021 and was based on the clubs costs of having no in person meetings).

We appreciate the huge cost of living pressures which are upon us all, so we are taking a leap of faith in reducing our full membership price to the lowest it has been since the 1980's, in the hope and belief that everyone will continue their membership of NARC for a very modest outlay to a club which meets, arranges events and does something online for 50 weeks of the year - equivalent to 20p per week. 

Club Contesters Note that if you are a contester for NARC please remember you need to be an up to date paid member to enter valid scores into the club championship contests.

So we invite you to rejoin (or join) NARC now for 2023 and pay us ideally by direct bank transfer - be sure to use your callsign/surname as reference. Please also complete and email the membership form if you are not already current member so that we can register you.  (note that you can also pay your 2023 membership using the Xmas dinner party booking form until the end of November 2022 - see website)

(NB - As Mark asks please pay by BACS bank transfer if you possibly can because even though we are a voluntary organisation Paypal still take a significant commission along with the bank which also charges for each Cheque payment because our account is classed as a business)

Details are below or see:

Mark G0LGJ - Treasurer

We welcome new members of any age, gender, and ability, from complete beginners to licensed amateurs.

If you are a current paid-up member you do not need to complete the form again, but just pay your annual subscription using the methods below.

Ways to pay:

Pay directly to our Bank - Preferred please

Bank: HSBC
Name: Norfolk Amateur Radio Club
Sort Code: 402008
Account: 31432222 (this is classed as a business account - some banks ask)

IMPORTANT - please include your callsign as the reference or if you are not licensed your initial and surname and email the treasurer as below


Cheque Payable to "Norfolk Amateur Radio Club"
Please use BANK Transfer if possible as banks charge us for each cheque

Posted to address below with a note of your name and callsign:

Mark Taylor G0LGJ
c/o NARC
6 Welden Road
NR19 2UB


Use our online shop to pay via Paypal, you will need to login to website to complete.
An additional charge incurred to cover Paypal costs.Paypal charge 3.1% + .30p per transaction. Totals £10.61

If you wish to pay direct using email and Paypal please pay £10.00 to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and use Friends and Family Option  please be sure to use your callsign as a reference.

PayPal Send money preview

If you pay via bank transfer please inform the Membership Secretary via email and give the reference you used in your online transaction as banks do not always pass on references.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Conditions that qualify a member for concessionary membership can be found in the constitution or shown on the form

join now membership button

Download and print Membership Form 2023

From the RSGB :-
As you will know, all radio amateurs are required to re validate their licence at least every five years.  The process to do this requires every licence holder to contact Ofcom to confirm or update the details on the licence database.  This process has been underway for some time and to date some 55% of licences have been successfully re validated.
 The quickest way to re validate is to do so “on-line” via the Ofcom website or by email  :-
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
and this can be done at any time.  If individuals need assistance in the process, Ofcom staff are available to help on the telephone but their limited availability means that the workload needs to be staggered to avoid undue delays.  There will thus need to be a phased approach during the coming months and Ofcom have asked for our assistance.
We will be publishing details on the website, in RadCom and supplementing these with weekly reminders in the regional sections of the GB2RS News that apply to your Region .  It would be good if you could supplement this publicity by making contact with clubs and your other contacts with the amateur radio community during the coming month to reinforce the message.  That message is as follows:

  ·         Although amateur radio licences are now classed as “lifetime”, revalidation is compulsory.
  ·         Ofcom have advised that any licences that remain unvalidated by a yet to be agreed date will be considered as lapsed. 

After this time, licences will need to be renewed and a fee of £20 will be charged.

Regards Mark G0LGJ / DRM for the RSGB Norfolk

Hi all as requested you can now do a bank transfer to pay for items ordered from the On-line Shop. You can still select the option to pay on collection from NARC on a Wed evening.
I would prefer all orders to be made online as this allows me to keep track of the stock.

I have also just added a Hoody and Hoody with zip to the NARC Winter 2014 clothing range.

If you would like to see other items added to the shop please drop me an email.

If you are clicking on the above items links you will need to login first.
Regards Mark G0LGJ


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