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Last week was characterised by unsettled geomagnetic conditions that had not been forecast.
The Kp index fluctuated between three and five nearly all week, resulting in reduced HF propagation, especially over polar paths. The solar wind just refused to abate with speeds over 600 km/s being commonplace. A southward-facing Bz IMF just added to the problems.
In the CQ Worldwide CW contest last weekend, signals from the west coast and midwest were badly affected with one station in Colorado sounding very fluttery and weak. Strong aurorae were also recorded in the polar regions.
Nevertheless, some good scores were made in the contest. A case of making do with what's available HF propagation-wise!
By Thursday the Fairford Digisonde was reporting F2-layer critical frequencies in the region of 10MHz, with an extrapolated MUF over 3,000km well above 28MHz around noon. 
Sunspots remained on the decline all week with the solar flux index struggling to get to 110. But the good news is that could now all change. reports that the beginning of December will see a potential influx of sunspots. 
A new active region is now beginning to turn into view off the southeast limb and was the source of a number of minor C-Flares on Wednesday. 
In addition to this, old regions 3140, 3141 and 3145 from earlier in November are about to turn back into view from behind the northeast limb. 
NOAA predicts the solar flux index could increase to 120-125 next week, which would be a welcome upturn. We may also be entering a more settled phase with regard to the Kp index too, with NOAA predicting a maximum index of two or three all week.
However, a solar coronal hole will become Earth-facing on Saturday, so we expect the Kp index to rise perhaps late Sunday or Monday.
The ionosonde data server in the States for the Propquest foF2 graphs is still having problems, but it is being worked on and in the meantime, you will see a backup plot from Fairford to keep things going.

VHF and up

The main weather theme for the coming week is that of colder northeasterly winds, but with some high pressure off the northwest to give a chance of slightly enhanced Tropo at first in western Britain. This will probably be spoiled in eastern areas by showers coming in from the North Sea. 
GHz band rain scatter options with the North Sea showers should be worth considering, but on this occasion, the showers may be relatively limited, so don’t expect too much.
The solar conditions are still showing signs of activity, which can bring some VHF propagation options, such as aurora on 6m to 2m given a good trigger, so look for high Kp indices above about five or six to make it worth checking.
Meteor scatter is, of course, an ever-present option for surprising us with any random activity. These sporadic meteors are more frequent around dawn, and the big Geminids shower in December is less than a fortnight away. 
Moon declination is positive and increasing this week so Moon windows will lengthen and zenith angles increase. Path losses are high and increasing this week. 144 MHz sky noise is low to moderate, reaching 500 Kelvin next Friday. 

Monday December 5, Tonight @ 8: 100 Years of BBC Technology with David G7URP


2022 marks the centenary of the British Broadcasting Corporation and whilst it is well known for its programme making and public service broadcasting, the BBC has also been responsible for introducing a wide range of technological innovations such as CEEFAX, RDS and VERA, Britain’s first videotape recorder.

On this Tonight@8 webinar David Palmer, G7URP takes a look at some of these pioneering creations, many of which still form the backbone of modern broadcasting.


The webinar is free and if you watch it live at 8pm on Monday December 5 you will be able to ask questions and make comments.


Watch it live here:

Or find out more about the presentation here:






GB2CW Morse Corner Week ending 24.11.22
Morsum Magnificat.
Some great reading for all the CW junkies to wallow in at Christmas when everybody else is falling asleep by the fireside!
The complete MM collection is now available online:
Zyg Nilski, G3OKD, the copyright holder, has generously granted permission for the download of these documents for personal use. This permission does NOT include downloading or distribution for commercial purposes. However, articles on CW never really date, and this is a real chance to have the complete collection at your finger tips! What better present from Santa?

morsum pic

The NARC Net.
Well, regardless of SK night, we are now starting the NARC Net at 20 wpm. On a paddle, this provides reasonable speed and good Morse to encourage those trying out their skils for the first time, or even those not comfortable at higher speeds. This is what the Net was instigated for in the first place so please try to join in. The Net controller will call ON TIME at 8.30 and will listen ONLY for beginners to start with so please DO NOT call before time and DO NOT call until sufficient time has been given to those beginners. There must be dozens of them just busting to join in so let's hope this produces some results! Please wait until the Net Controller STARTS the Net before lodging your call.
Once the Net controller has called for those beginners a couple of times, then we can also join in. Then, we can run at 20 wpm for the complete Net or if the controller wishes, he can increase the speed to a suggested level, say 25 wpm.


 GB2CW 2022 23


Classes are as per the table above, BUT speeds will be aimed at whoever checks in for practice.
Accuracy transcends Speed is the motto of FISTS, but in tuition that is the way to go.
So, if you join and can only manage around 10 wpm that will be the speed!
Classes are now beginning to build and there is a variety of days and times to choose from. Unfortunately Chris G4CCS is in hospital with a chest infection and is on medication in there. He hopes to be out in a few days time. I hope you all join me in wishing Chris a speedy recovery.
Head copy this week was well attended, with M1AFQ, M6KYF and G3XLL joining as new students. I hope they intend to stay and hopefully might be joined by others too.


cw ops logo
There are still a large number of locals taking part. If you would like to be nominated for membership of CW OPS just let one of the local members know and we will do the necessary. The only pre-condition is that you are good up to 25wpm.
Even if you are NOT a member, please feel free to join in some of these sessions. For the UK the exchange is {NAME} G
This is a great way of both making new friends and gaining a lot of practice in a fun way.



After promoting this on the Headcopy class Monday morning three people promised they would obtain a score and submit it to Jim. Very disappointing that nobody tried it.  Horses and water spring to mind. Good practice avoided.

Send your new score to Jim G3YLA by Thursday evening at the latest. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
It would be nice to see some more new entries in this table.



3543.00KHz 2030 local time on Monday evenings. Join us for a chat.
Net Operator's list:
Malcolm G3PDH
Chris G4CCX
Phil G4LPP
Dick G3WRJ
Roger G3LDI
This is the current list.
. The controller this week will be Phil G4LPP. It should be Chris G4CCX but I don't think he will be able to participate just yet.

You can work out when it will be your turn and please let me know if you cannot do it on that particular night, in which case we will just follow through.
So, on Monday evening Phil will call, at somewhat less than 20 wpm, for beginners only to check in FIRST. If we have any, please adjust your speed to match theirs and we will all do the same. I shall highlight the next Controller in red for the Monday following the Newsletter.
We are STILL waiting for Stan G4BEW to join us.............although he has now joined Jim's class! Well done Stan.

That's it, open the cage, play the music.
If you have any input, please email me.

73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. May the Morse be with you.

Welcome to week sixty one of NARC’s contest news.



The 70MHz AFS of 18/9/2022 results were released on 18th November. Unfortunately NARC only had two logs submitted, mine and Mike's G4DYC - our team of 2 managed 10th place overall. This leaves NARC in 5th place overall in the AFS Super League after 3 legs - 50MHz, 70MHz and 160m.

The results of the 432MHz UKAC of 8th November were published on 21st November. NARC had 7 entries in this leg with Ken G3UDA providing the top NARC entry. We remain in 9th place overall on this series. Thanks to all who are contributing.

The results of the 50MHz UKAC of 10/11/2022 were published on 24th November. We are doing well in this series and had 8 entries in this leg. Top points were earned by John G4PFZ. We remain in 4th position in this series but are closing on 3rd place Wirral.

Our current standing in the UKACs is 50MHz 4th - 70MHz 10th - 144MHz 8th - 432MHz 9th - 1.3GHz 8th and SHF 14th. Overall place 7th with one round to go.

There have been several HF results this week.

Firstly, the Autumn series DATA results from 7/11/22 were released on 18th November. As usual there were a few UBNs! It's difficult when the computer clearly and repeatedly prints out a serial number or a callsign only for it to be later declared incorrect. Of course everyone suffers from this at one time or another.
NARC took this leg by a good margin once again so well done everyone who sent in a log!
Malcolm G3PDH is to be congratulated on topping the 100W Unassisted section in this contest and as this was the last of the DATA series the overall winners were announced with Andy, M0NKR taking the 100W Unassisted title and Peter M0RYB(/P) taking the 10W Unassisted title.

The results of the Club Calls 1.8MHz AFS (12/11/2022) were announced on 22nd November. A quick turnaround! NARC managed 2.5 teams (of 4) in this. Norfolk A team managed 4th place, the B team came in 9th place and the 2 man C team came in 23rd. Well done and thanks to all who entered.

The results of the 2nd RSGB 1.8MHz contest (19/11/2022) were published on 24th November (another rapid turnaround). This was not a club contest but several NARC members entered with good results being obtained.

If people are entering other contests of whose results I am obviously unaware please e-mail me to let me know the outcome and I'll mention it here.


The big one this week was the last of the Autumn series with the CW leg on the evening of 24th November. Conditions on the East of the country were initially good with many of us achieving 50 contacts in the first half hour but after this the band appeared to fall off a cliff with very few UK stations audible or workable in the last half hour. Skip had gone long and many European stations were extremely loud with several participating in the contest. Scores seemed to be a bit higher in the West of the country and it would appear conditions didn't take a dive there for several more minutes allowing more QSOs. Despite this
many of us achived good scores and with 13 known entries it looks like this one could go our way as well.

The SHF UKAC took place on 22nd November and was the last SHF one in this year's UKAC series. As usual our entrant was Graham G3SGC who found it tough going with poor conditions. He managed 7 QSOs with best Dx G4BRK in IO91 at 240KM. Considering he is only using 0.6W at present his is a great result!

We are always on the lookout for new contesters to add to our team and welcome people of any ability who either wish to add their score to ours or develop their skills.

Note, NARC contest net takes place every Friday evening at 9pm clock time on 145.250MHz. This is a useful place to exchange contest information and get help with logging and station setup issues etc.

Contest reports are always appreciated from any club members.

Upcoming contests in the next 2 weeks:-


Before each of the 2m and 70cm UKACs there is an FM leg starting 1 hour before for 55 minutes. I hear almost no activity in this from here but others may have more luck! Rules etc on RSGBCC site.

* Sun 4th December 1000-1400 144MHz AFS (RSGB AFS Super League)
* Tue 6th December 2000-2230 144MHz UKAC
* Wed 7th December 1900-2100 144MHz FT8 AC
* Thu 8th December 2000-2230 50MHz UKAC

Also of interest for some on the vhf / uhf bands are the EU FT8 activity tests - see the following link for more information. These are on the first (144 MHz), second (432MHz) and third (1.3GHz) Wednesdays of each month. 1700-2000 Hrs EU FT8 series website


* Sat 26th November 0000 for 48h CQWW DX CW contest - the big one! - see WA7BNM
* Mon 28th November 2000-2130 RSGB FT4 contest - RSGB HF contests take a break until 2023 after this one.
* Fri 2nd December 2200 to Sun 4th December at 1600 ARRL 160m contest CW - see WA7BNM

Wednesdays throughout the year, CW ops 1 hour mini tests 13:00, 19:00, Thurs 03:00 and 07:00, exchange Name and G if not a member or CWOPS number if you are a member.
See CWOPS website for more details.
Also on Fridays 2000 to 2100 and Mondays 0000 to 0100 each week CWops runs the K1USN slow speed CW contests. Any speed up to 20wpm is acceptable. For rules see :- CW OPs SST page these contests are open to anyone.

All RSGB contest rules and further details plus log submission at RSGB contest site
Look to WA7BNM’s contest calendar for other contests and links to rules etc at WA7BNM weekly contest calendar
A link to John 2E0TWQ’s site’s Narc contest history page - 2E0TWQ's NARC contest results page

Finally - the 2023 RSGB contest calendar is out (thanks to Peter M0RYB for pointing this out). It can be found at

Submissions or comments for this news to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

73 until next week,

Phil G4LPP

Missed the last NARC Live?

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Are you sure you still have your lifetime license...?

Although amateur radio licenses are now for life they MUST be revalidated at least once every 5 years with Ofcom. Its quick and easy - I do mine every year near my birthday. Just sign into your Ofcom account and confirm all the details remain the same...    

73, David



NARC membership 2023

NARC membership is just £10 for full membership for 2023.... we want to maintain this going forwards too but we need everyone to rejoin to make the numbers add up, so please rejoin. Details are on the website or you can renew when you book your Christmas Dinner Party meal (deadline 30th November).



NARC Live!

NARC Live is always broadcast live so that viewers can ask questions etc, but it is recorded and uploaded to Youtube within a few days of it being live-streamed.

And to watch any of these recordings of NARC Live or other video events please go to



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Note that the most effective way to sell something through NARC is to list it on the Club website on the For Sale Forum - it is free but you just need to register and sign into the website first. Note that NARC cannot take any responsibility for any items bought or sold through its site. Please checks and test before committing. Buyer beware!



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