• There is nothing fancy about most of the RTTY macro files that I uploaded, but perhaps a little explanation about them would be helpful.

    1. I operate both Run and S&P methods, and define functions keys for both operating modes.

    2. I operate ESM (Enter Sends Message), so my macros conform to the default function keys that would be sent when pressing [Enter].

    3. I usually work dupes as it is quicker than arguing the toss. so some macros don't define a macro key as "Worked B4".

    4. I rely upon macro substitution characters as much as possible, so you will see things like:   -

    {mycall} instead of G3LDI

    {SENTRST} instead of 599   - {EXCH} instead of some fixed string


    You will notice a file called GENERIC RTTY.MC in the gallery. When operating a new contest, it is easy to open the GERENIC file, modify it as necessary for that particluar contest, then save the macro file with a contest-specific title.


    After several years of operating RTTY and CW contests, I developed a large collection of Macro files. To avoid confusion in the N1MM root directory, I created a sub-directory under \N1MM called \Macros. I keep all of my macro files there.

    I hope you find this helpful. If you have any queries, give either Malcolm or myself a call on the Contest Net, which is Friday evenings at 2000 local on 145.250.

    Download Makro here (Updated 29/1/2015 G0LGJ)

    73 de Roger, G3LDI