Adding CTCSS to an FT290 mark 1

I had obtained a Yaesu ft290 mark 1 and wanted to fit ctcss access for repeater use.
However i wanted to make the different tones accessible easily.
The memory switch on an ft290 is a bcd switch as is the tone selection inputs on several of the ctcss modules available on auction websites (such as ebay) so it seemedas if the solution is to link the ctcs sinputs from the ctcss module to the memoryswitch (losing the memoryfacility of course but i didn't use this anyway)
I obtained a ctcss kit from ebay which had the bcd input facility for tone selection.
Usingthe ft290 schematic i fed the tone output from the ctcss module into the mike amplifier circuitry (see the schematic or speak to me)
I then disconnected the memory switch from it's existing place and reconnected it tothe bcd input on the module (anyone interested inthe finer details of the wiring please let me know).
This resulted in the tones being selectable in consecutive order on the memory switch (very handy if you use repeaters in different areas)
Anyone wanting to have a go at fitting one (and understands bcd of course) come and speak to me!

Tony g0mqg