Miscellaneous Information

I have been licensed since May 2014 as a Foundation Licence holder. I joined the club after this a have continued to get more involved as time progressed. I have taken a main interest within the club running special event stations at various location throughout the year. I successfully passed my Intermediate in February 2015 so carried on my suffix as 2E0SYW. I passed my Full Licence in early 2017, I have been slowly working through the different aspects of this vast hobby. I mainly operate VHF/UHF Mobile, I hope to one day build a shack to do some HF operating under my own callsign, I quite often can be found as a second Op on loads of different stations when the opportunity arises.

So for now.

73 de M0SYW

Sonny Ward
Commitee Member, Inventory Manager, Safety Officer & Deputy Membership Sec