CW Net Timetable
An occasional series on 'matters-antenna'  please jump on board with any of your own tales as they happen.
This one is a brief note to say that the G3YLA Hex Beam was successfully re-installed on Thursday with much help from a selection of ‘destruction crew’ types who happened to be available.  Phil, G4LPP, Mike G4DYC and an after work Sonny, M0SYW were in attendance for the task of squeezing the Hex beam plus two beams for VHF/UHF into my small garden space. The Hex Beam from Ant MW0JZE and mast from Gary MM0CUZ were the principle components, both excellent people to deal with and very supportive, plus the two VHF/UHF beams from Dual via Nevada for 2m and 23cm.
This was a long and tiring day and its amazing how unwieldy these things are when trying to manhandle the complexities of a Hex Beam into the air.  Started at 10.30am and finally done at 5.30pm.  The nice thing about the mast with an electric winch is that the beam can be raised/lowered by remote control from the shack for contests etc. and the rest of the time sits at minimum height; the Hex Beam is a great performer at low heights. It covers all bands from 20m to 6m and adds 40m with an extension set of wires.
Big thanks to Phil, Mike and Sonny
73 de Jim