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Welcome to week fifty two of NARC’s contest news.

This week's news sheet represents a whole year of contest news reports! I hope you've found it useful and informative. It would be great to hear more from the readership in the way of reports of contest working, ideas for content or indeed any suggestions.


The results of the second leg of the Autumn series of RSGB 80m HF contests showed we blitzed this CW leg and are now in a strong first place. We have 16,138 points compared to second place Bristol with 14,400 and third place Newbury with 8,807 in the Local Clubs section.

Only one result came in in this week for VHF contests.

The result 144MHz UKAC of 06/9/2022 came out on 21/9/2022. NARC entered 7 logs for this one which led to our retaining 10th position in this series.

The NARC UKAC contest team is growing in numbers, thanks to all who are helping out.


The first DATA leg of the Autumn Series of 80m club championships took place on Thursday 22nd September. To date 105 logs have been submitted with 5 from Bristol and 10 from NARC but I am aware of at least 3 more logs yet to come in for us. Several stations in NARC worked GM6XX, the bonus station, and congratulations go to Andy M0NKR for achieving the top NARC score.

The 70MHz AFS super league contest took place on Sunday 18th September. Conditions were flat and activity was reasonably good. Two of us from NARC have submitted entries out of 62 logs received.

The 1296 MHz UKAC took place on Tuesday 20th September. Conditions were mixed but some good DX was around. Our team is growing for this one albeit slowly. At the time of writing 94 logs had been received with 3 from NARC although at least one more is promised for us.

We are always on the lookout for new contesters to add to our team and welcome people of any ability who either wish to add their score to ours or develop their skills.

Note, NARC contest net takes place every Friday evening at 9pm clock time on 145.250MHz. This is a useful place to exchange contest information and get help with logging and station setup issues etc.

Contest reports are always appreciated from any club members. This from John G8VPE:-

"I did have a minor attempt at the BARTG Sprint PSK63 Contest last Sunday evening (18 Sept).
I made 29 contacts, all in the EU, so only 1 out of 6 continent multipliers to claim for and only 13 prefix multipliers.
There was not much PSK activity on 20m or 80m, 40m seemed to be the most productive band throughout the evening.

I hope to be taking part in the CQ WW RTTY this weekend (24/25 Sept), but not for the whole 48 hours.

73 John G8VPE"

Upcoming contests in the next 2 weeks:-


Before each of the 2m and 70cm UKACs there is an FM leg starting 1 hour before for 55 minutes. I hear almost no activity in this from here but others may have more luck! Rules etc on RSGBCC site.

* Sat 24th September 1400-1700 (144MHz) and 1700-1800 (432MHz) AGCW VHF/UHF CW contest - see WA7BNM
* Sat 24th September 2200 for 24h AWA AM QSO Party - 160/80/40/20m - see WA7BNM
* Tue 27th September 1830-2130 SHF UKAC
* Sat 1st October 1400-2200 1.2GHz Trophy - part of RSGB VHF championship.
* Sat 1st October 1400 for 24h - 432MHz to 245GHz Contest.
* Sat 1st October 1400-2200 2.3GHz Trophy - part of RSGB VHF championship.
(The above 3 contests coincide with the Region 1 UHF/Microwaves Contest - see WA7BNM)
* Tue 4th October 1900-2130 144MHz UKAC
* Wed 5th October 1900-2100 144MHz FT8 AC

Also of interest for some on the vhf / uhf bands are the EU FT8 activity tests - see the following link for more information. These are on the first (144 MHz), second (432MHz) and third (1.3GHz) Wednesdays of each month. 1700-2000 Hrs EU FT8 series website


* Sat 24th September 0000 for 48h CQ Worldwide DX RTTY - see WA7BNM
* Mon 26th Septemver RSGB FT4 contest
* Sat 1st October 0600 for 24h - Oceania DX phone contest - See WA7BNM
* Sat 1st October 0600 for 24h - Worked all provinces of China contest - see WA7BNM
* Sat 1st October 1600 to Sun 2nd October 2200 - California QSO party - See WA7BNM
* Sat 1st October 1600-1800 (80m) and Sun 2nd October 0900-1100 (40m) Hell contest - see WA7BNM
* Sat 1st October 1800 for 24h - SKCC HF CW contest - see WA7BNM
* Sun 2nd October 0600-1800 RSGB HF DX Contest - part of the HF championship.
* Mon 3rd October 1900-2030 Autumn series CW

Wednesdays throughout the year, CW ops 1 hour mini tests 13:00, 19:00, Thurs 03:00 and 07:00, exchange Name and G if not a member or CWOPS number if you are a member.
See CWOPS website for more details.
Also on Fridays 2000 to 2100 and Mondays 0000 to 0100 each week CWops runs the K1USN slow speed CW contests. Any speed up to 20wpm is acceptable. For rules see :- CW OPs SST page these contests are open to anyone.

All RSGB contest rules and further details plus log submission at RSGB contest site
Look to WA7BNM’s contest calendar for other contests and links to rules etc at WA7BNM weekly contest calendar
A link to John 2E0TWQ’s site’s Narc contest history page - 2E0TWQ's NARC contest results page

Submissions or comments for this news to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

73 until next week,

Phil G4LPP