The top of this article will be updated at various times over the weekend to show the band area we are working on - please see full details of the special event callsign below (times are local BST):


Thursday 18th August : Made a few contacts on HF and 2 but bands don't seem great but please get in touch if you want to make the contact with me - only 1 day left.

Don't be afraid to just ask if you would like a specific out-of-the-ordinary contact...this special event is for everyone.


David, with invaluable support and logging by Kevin & Tammy


GB100BBC - Background

This year the BBC is 100 years old and the BBC Radio Club, which is made up from Radio Amateurs who work or have worked for the BBC, has been granted the special event callsign GB100BBC which can be operated by club members from their homes or BBC premises.

 I am a member of this club and applied to use the call from my QTH and I am pleased to say this has been granted for 7 days starting Saturday 13th August, although most operating will be done this weekend. I realise that many will have worked this callsign already as it has run since January, but I hope the opportunity for amateurs to work it relatively locally will be nice, especially on shorter range bands such as VHF, UHF and hopefully 1.3GHZ for those who have that capability (including through 23cm repeater GB3NO) where we have erected specific antenna for this. I will also work on HF and hope conditions enable this through the multiband antenna erected on Friday. I expect most contact will be by voice but I may also work some digital modes, especially if conditions are difficult. However we make contact, hopefully there will be time for a little chat sometimes instead of just a quick exchange but this will depend on others waiting.

As well as in the newsletter this article is also on the Norfolk Amateur Radio Club website and I will endeavour to add notes on when and what band the callsign will be used, so please visit to find out the latest.

Everyone will be very welcome, especially newcomers who may not be able to use much power, and as well as the main operating at the weekend I will operate occasionally over the following 5 days, so if you particularly would like to work this call and do not manage to work me over the weekend then drop me an email and I will try and tell you when and where I intend to work during the week.

Please note that details about QSL exchanges and the BBC Radio Club centenary callsign are on the GB100BBC page on


Finally I would like to express special thanks to my XYL Tammy M0TC and Kevin M0UJD for their tremendous work and support to enable me to put this special event station on.

Look forward to a QSO with you...


73, David G7URP

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(LOC JO02LN, 3 miles southwest of Attleborough, Norfolk).

NB: For practical reasons my APRS Digipeater GB7URP will be off the air until August 20th.