New antenna at CNS

A new antenna has just been installed at CNS for the club shack HF radio as the 10 year+ one installed had stopped working. Understandably we cannot be too ambitious at a school but a good quality EAntennas Windom was purchased and installed last Saturday (

Its a timely reminder to please feel free to use the clubs radio shack when we meet at CNS - just ask a committee member for details.

Thanks to CNS for their permission and to the NARC antenna team Sonny M0SYW, Steve G0KYA, Paul G4ZBA and Bob G7JTZ for their great work in pulling the old antenna and vermin chewed cable down and erecting the new antenna.


Donard M0KRK - the classic 555 chip

The most enduringly successful chip in electronics history was created by one man working in a back-alley storefront. His name was Hans Camenzind, the chip was the 555 timer, and this year marks its 50th anniversary. It has outlasted all competitors, is still being manufactured in basically the same form...

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Are you sure you still have your lifetime license...?

Although amateur radio licenses are now for life they MUST be revalidated at least once every 5 years with Ofcom. Its quick and easy - I do mine every year near my birthday. Just sign into your Ofcom account and confirm all the details remain the same...    

73, David



NARC membership 2023

NARC membership is just £10 for full membership for 2023.... we want to maintain this going forwards too but we need everyone to rejoin to make the numbers add up, so please rejoin. Details are on the website or you can renew when you book your Christmas Dinner Party meal (deadline 30th November).



Missed the last NARC Live?

You can watch the last NARC LIVE on catchup here:




NARC Live!

NARC Live is always broadcast live so that viewers can ask questions etc, but it is recorded and uploaded to Youtube within a few days of it being live-streamed.

And to watch any of these recordings of NARC Live or other video events please go to




As promised we have negotiated a special price to NARC Members for the Geochron featured on NARC Live a few weeks ago saving £36 inc VAT and also free delivery to your door worth £12, making a total saving of £48

If you are interested in buying one please contact David G7URP for details of how to order from the UK distributor. Contact  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Something to sell?

Note that the most effective way to sell something through NARC is to list it on the Club website on the For Sale Forum - it is free but you just need to register and sign into the website first. Note that NARC cannot take any responsibility for any items bought or sold through its site. Please checks and test before committing. Buyer beware!


  Please let me have any club news to put here and/or NARC Live:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Thanks  David G7URP