The RSGB are pleased to launch their new version of the RSGB EMF calculator v11d which is now available in a new browser-based version as well as the spreadsheet version. You can find both versions on our website:

The web browser version does not require you to have Excel or another spreadsheet on your computer. This update includes some minor additions and corrections to the data used for Pre-Assessed Equipment Configurations (PAECs) and there are lots of new features in the browser app version.

The app runs within your web browser, so no data leaves your machine unless you create a backup and share the file.

The web app also has these great new features:

  1. It works better on phones, tablets and computers with the layout adapting to available screen space and supressing information not needed for the configuration set up
  2. It has features to save and load configurations so you can keep them all inside the app
  3. It comes preloaded with some typical configurations to get you started
  4. The tooltips are a consistent size and very clear
  5. Selecting the interactive info button makes them easier to use on tablets and phones
  6. The figures defining the exclusion zones adapt and scale with their values making their meaning much clearer
  7. You can quickly see the effect of changing parameters like power and antenna height on your compliance
  8. The available antennas change with the band selected
  9. For record keeping just click the ‘Save PDF’ button then copy the pdf, perhaps to a dedicated folder or memory stick. The PDF is effectively the record that you have conducted compliance checks

Many thanks to Oli, MM0YOS for his great work in writing the web app. We must also remember the continuing work of Ian GM3SEK, Peter G4DSE, John M0JAV and our friends in ARRL on the EMF team who derive the guidance.

Please give it a try and feedback any issues or antenna you have modelled which are not already on the system to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.