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CNS School are wonderful hosts to us and its worth reminders of the common courtesy and rules we must respect:
• Our booked hours are 7pm to 10pm - please do not arrive before 7 and everyone must leave the school premises by 10pm latest - we are the last there!
• The rooms we use are cleaned before we arrive and we are the last to use them before students next morning, so please leave everything as you find it.
• Parking is often limited in the main courtyard so during term time please use the 6th form car park to left of main gate which is opened for our use
• No drinking or eating is allowed in the computer / shack room and if you switch on/sign onto a computer please ensure you switch off/sign off afterwards.
• No smoking is permitted anywhere on school land - if you wish to smoke you must do so outside the school gates, not just outside the building.
Thank You
David G7URP