Barford Radio Social - Sunday 4th July 2021

Barford Socal 2021 1 
  • Where: Barford Village Green, NR9 4AB, 9 miles south west of Norwich off B1108
  • When: Sunday 4th July - open 0900-1400 (please do not arrive before 0900)
  • All outside event - please bring your own deckchair and refreshments etc
  • Private sales only - sell from own car boot or 1 table - no commercial traders please
  • Not a radio rally - no refreshments, catering or inside activities - inside toilets are available
  • Bring your own Sunshade or Gazebo if you would like to - there is plenty of space!
  • Entry FREE for all - Sponsored by Norfolk Amateur Radio Club. No need to book - just turn up
  • Voluntary donations with all proceeds to E A C H and Barford Village hall Emergency roof repair fund

Please spread the word to other local amateurs, friends and clubs as everyone is welcome, but be
sure to say that this is not the usual full radio rally event and is all outdoors. The event will only take
place if it is well within government advice at the time and will be cancelled if it becomes the
responsible thing to do - watch our website. Contact David G7URP This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Frequencies:  PSK on 3580 – 3585 USB,  set dial freq to 3580 but also move to 3582.5 to cover whole of band.  Note that most people have gone over to psk 63 but there may still be a few stations using psk31.  Be ready to switch between if necessary and in particular if conditions are such that there is a lot of phase distortion which will impact psk63 first.

RTTY,  do not go below 3585 and the band goes up to 3620 but most people tend to stop at 3600 in line with the traditional band limit, and you may run into SSB qrm above 3600, but take a look up there as there could be people operating in the 3600 – 3620 sector.  Note for those operating RTTY with AFSK the mode is LSB

PSK/RTTY split:   In order to maximise your overall score it is best to try to balance up the number of contacts in each mode if possible.  Usually done by operating about three quarters of an hour in each mode as you see best.

Mode:  Make sure that you set the mode in the contest set up window to ‘Mixed’ so that when you work the same station again on the other mode your program will not show it as a ‘dupe’, only if you try to work them for a third time.    You can work any station once per mode.

Log:  when checking your Cabrill log at the end ensure that all PSK contacts are marked  as PS and RTTY ones RY.

Call signs:  It is sometimes confusing as to the station you are working in Data modes so try to be sure as far as you can but problems do occur where someone calls you thinking that you are the station you just worked and such similar things.

Checks:  Check out you systems as early as possible before 8pm.

Roger and I will be listening on 145.250 from about 7pm tonight in case anyone needs any last minute info or signal check on 80m.

Good luck and hope you antennae stay up ok in the pending winds.


Malcolm G3PDH