NARC Live Wednesday

This week an experiment for NARC Live! as we recreate our clubs own radio repair guru Tony G0MQG's workshop in our studio for a Covid-safe live programme on how he fault finds and repairs things. As well as sharing with us how he goes about analysing fault finding, he is going to do a special feature on Microphones including how to test them, fix them and adapt different microphones to work with different rigs.

What do YOU want him to show you how to test and fix? Let us know either in advance by Tuesday evening or send in your questions on BATC or Facebook live on Wednesday evening and Tammy and I will relay them to Tony!


As well as our Radio Repair Shop Special, there will also be your news and views and our weekly fun competition, who works from a shack like this....

Let us have your news, views, your favourite Radio or Technology book or anything else for the show emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Remember this is your radio club and its great to meet every Wednesday...don't forget to let us have an email if you would like us to send a special NARC greeting card to help make someones day...

Watch live here:


73, David G7URP & Tammy M0TC




Did you miss last weeks NARC Live! with Martin Lynch G4HKS...

I have had several emails from people who could not watch live last week asking where can they watch the recording.

Well every edition of NARC Live since March 2020 are available on the clubs Facebook page for anyone to watch. And if you specifically want to see last Wednesdays you can watch it here:

Facebook direct link:


And this week also on YouTube: