Each week we show you the shack of a NARC member and ask you to guess whose shack it is.

Below are three pictures from this weeks shack with so many classic radios, but who does it belong too?



If you think you know whose shack it is please email David & Tammy with your guess to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - the deadline for answers is 3pm on Wednesday and be sure to watch NARC Live on Wednesday evening at 7.30pm to find out who's it is!


How about your shack?

Incredibly we are still using NARC members Shacks sent to us from when we first started NARC Live in March, but we are getting down the list now, so if you have a picture of your shack you can share for this competition please send it to us. Try and hide anything with your name or callsign on it otherwise the Photoshop will have to come out!


David G7URP & Tammy M0TC