Please join me for the Monday night net, tonight from 19.30 on repeater GB3NB with a subject of 'My other hobby is' and hope you will call in and share with us another favourite hobby of yours which is helping you keep occupied in these days where we cannot go out. (mine has wheels and runs on a track ;)

Monday, 7.30pm, GB3NB (listen on 145.625MHz)

Newsletter problems this weekend

If you did not receive your regular newsletters last week (many Plusnet, Virgin Media and other ISP customers did not) our apologies. ISPs can be fickle with their mail filtering to try and prevent spam and sometimes change their 'rules' about mass mailings and we unwittingly fell foul of this last week with some Internet providers. Our webmaster Mark G0LGJ has now changed our mailing settings and we hope everyone will be back to receiving them now, so on this newsletter I am also including several items from last Fridays newsletter for those who did not receive the original. Please note that all newsletter pieces are always on our website so if you want to see anything you can always refer there.


Take care, stay safe

73, David G7URP