Jim G3YLA's class is still going strong!

25wpm CW Week12 Report


Another good week of progress on the 25wpm ‘beginners’ CW class on GB3NB at 8pm on Tuesday evening. We are now on week 12 and four new sets of 10 useful phrases and abbreviations were covered. This is only scratching the surface and much of the hard work comes from practice you you have to do in your own time.

So… give yourselves a pressure-free half hour on the CW ends of the amateur bands and try to pick out some of the abbreviations and just the odd letter. Its all practice and as such is never wasted! Sadly, many of us find occupying our time more of a challenge at the moment, but it could provide space in your busy worlds to gain some solid CW experience.

Hope you all stay well and look forward to another session next Tuesday.

73 de Jim



BOOTCAMP will return in November, all being well.. In the meaantime, you now have lots of time for the big P word!. I will keep the distribution list and send another round robin nearer the date.
In the meantime, with self isolation, what a great opportunity to get some practice in. Lots of choice:
All of the above, plus many more, can give a varied amount of practice.
Try a few CQ calls on the FISTS frequencies, nothing quite like a REAL QSO, plus the sending practice too!


Headcopy Class is going well.
EISH5 These groups are just a bit of fun really. It concentrates the mind on patterns.If you have problems with this mix, don't worry too much because it is highly unlikely that they will ever be sent in general covesation. So don't despair, even the most skilled have problems with groups like this.
However, it is all good Practice, that Big P word again!

The main amount  of time will  be going over QSO format.
So, join us at 1000 on Monday mornings and have some fun.

73 de Roger, G3LDI GB2CW Coordinator. May the Morse be with you.