As you know, the syllabus for all three levels of amateur license changed quite dramatically from 1st September and now all courses and exams for new candidates are to the new syllabus.

However if you had already taken an exam under the old syllabus but failed, and you would like to take it again with questions based on the original syllabus you only have until the end of November to retake. To try and help this process I am offering to host exam retakes at my premises in Great Ellingham and exams can be either written or online using your own laptop, something we cannot offer at the school. There will be no charge for the exam hosting so the only cost is the exam fee to the RSGB which is still £27.50 (foundation), £32.50 (intermediate) or £37.50 (advance).

If you know anyone who has already taken an exam but failed and would like to resit it under the original syllabus please ask them to contact me before the end of October and I will arrange the booking forms etc for them to retake mid November on a mutually convenient date. 


73, David G7URP